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Our Story

The Slavic Business Association started as an idea many years ago where the two co-founders, Tatiana Pisarski and Ivan Rudnitsky originally thought of building an organization that would help the Slavic community through some level of business engagement and leadership. The idea marinated for many years until 2020 when Tatiana and Ivan were both discussing some of their "dream" opportunities. That's when they both shared their desire to do something for their community.


You see, both Ivan and Tatiana, like many members, family and friends, are immigrants from Eastern Europe or the former Soviet Union. However, unlike their parents who came here as adults both Ivan and Tatiana grew up in America, received an American education and embarked on American careers. As adults who have a mixed American and "Slavic" appreciation for culture, heritage and values, Tatiana and Ivan seek to bridge the developmental and relationship gaps that still exist in the Slavic community today. 

So, with the help of the Founding Members who are represented by Ukrainian, Moldovan, Russian and American business leaders, the Slavic Business Association was established. The Slavic Business Association seeks to serve the community by providing resources to help build relationships and skills.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission is to provide resources for professional development and facilitate opportunities to build relationships with leaders in our community.

Our Vision is to honor our heritage while also embracing a sense of belonging in our communities.

Our Values: 

  • Integrity - We operate honestly and transparently

  • Determination - We act with a strong sense of urgency and work ethic

  • Honor - We take pride in our self identity and heritage

  • Progress - We have a desire to evolve and move forward on our journey

Organizational Structure:

The Slavic Business Association is a registered Non-Profit Organization with the State of North Carolina and is registered with the IRS as a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization. 

The board of directors serve as non-compensated officers of the board and all financial income is utilized to support operational activities and reinvestment into the community. 

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