A Letter From the Board on Ukraine

Dear Fellow Immigrants and American Friends,


As many of you are already aware, the situation in Ukraine is a dire one. There is no doubt that you or someone you may know is directly affected by this invasion. This is an anxious and uncertain time for many of us. We acknowledge that people from our community are seeking answers to questions and guidance on how to assist. 


The Slavic Business Association was originally established to directly support and educate the Slavic community through active engagement and involvement with Business leaders. However, we understand that we also have an opportunity, an obligation even, to work with our domestic community to support our Ukrainian brothers and sisters abroad. ​


Today, we are asking that you join us in the communication and distribution of our centralized repository to provide Ukrainian Aid. We've already curated some information from people in our community. Now, we are asking for your help to: 

A) Share our Ukrainian Aid page with anyone who you think may benefit with this information or

B) Provide us with direct, actionable information that we can post on our Ukrainian Aid page by emailing us at