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The Manga Guide To Molecular Biology

Masaharu Takemura is a Lecturer at the Tokyo University of Science in biology, molecular biology, and life sciences. A Doctor of Medical Science, Takemura has written several books about biology.

The Manga Guide to Molecular Biology

This 207-page guide consists of five chapters, excluding the preface, prologue, and epilogue. It explains fundamental concepts in the study of electricity, including Ohm's law and Fleming's rules. There are written explanations after each manga chapter. An index and two pages to write notes on are provided.

Ami and Rin did not attend enough lessons to pass biology, causing them to have to attend summer school. They were instructed to visit their professor, Dr. Moro's island. There, they met Dr. Moro's assistant Marcus, who taught them lessons on the fundamentals of molecular biology with the dream machine. 041b061a72


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