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Mathtype can never be displayed in Office 2013 or over again in any of my three family computers, but it has worked quite well in the past decades. In the past, mathtype was displayed in this way and I can input any mathmatical formula I wanted


as you know when working with Maple each equation you typed with maple format will be seen like as mathtype after calculation with default blue font, for example you type QK:=Matrix(3,3,[Q[1,1],Q[1,2],0,Q[2,1],Q[2,2],0,0,0,Q[3,3]]); and you see this in the matrix format with subscript of each member of matrix. If you want to send this output to MS word software you got the picture of equation that can not edited or formatted like as mathtype formulation.the question is how can I convert Maple output calculation to mathtype format?I have found MathML formulation editor but when copy maple output on it, it can show formulation only in the plain text format that can not calculate or convert to the mathtype format.

Complex mathematical equations can be easily inserted in the solution. This app integrates with Ms Word which helps in making instant mathtype equations directly in the word file. All the symbols are present in the tool. 041b061a72


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