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11th Hour Cleaning

"There's something in this house." Screen Media Films has unveiled an official trailer for an indie horror film titled 11th Hour Cleaning, arriving on VOD directly starting in July this summer. It hasn't played at any festivals and will be skipping theaters entirely. "We're always on the hunt for original, genuinely scary horror content, and 11th Hour Cleaning really delivers," they claim. A group of crime scene cleaners struggle to escape a murder house after becoming trapped by an ancient Nordic demon that is hell-bent on driving them insane. "Our goal was to create a horror film with a unique premise steeped in lore as well as connect the audience to the characters in a way to consider some self-reflection." The movie stars Chloe Brooks, Eddie Finlay, Anita Leeman-Torres, Ed Morrone, and Dave Baez. This actually looks pretty cool for a low budget horror flick, although the cinematography isn't great, the rest of it might be scary. Check it out.

11th Hour Cleaning

Chloe Brooks, Eddie Finlay, Anita Leeman-Torres, Ed Morrone, and Dave Baez star in the horror film about a group of crime scene cleaners who struggle to escape a murder house. After becoming trapped by an ancient Nordic demon hell-bent on driving them insane, they must face their most personal regrets and fears through horrific hallucinations. As they uncover what truly happened to the murder victims, they struggle to escape their own deaths by finding and destroying pieces of a relic from Norse mythology that gives the demon power. 11th Hour Cleaning is directed by American filmmaker Ty Leisher, making his feature directorial debut after directing episodes of the "Classic Alice" series previously. The screenplay is written by Ty Leisher and Ed Morrone; based on a story by Eric R. Brodeur. Screen Media Films will debut Leisher's 11th Hour Cleaning direct-to-VOD starting on July 5th, 2022 this summer. Want to watch this?

Crime scene cleaners get more than they bargained for when they encounter a manipulative demon in the new horror film 11th Hour Cleaning. With the mind-bending movie now On Demand via Screen Media Films, we caught up with director Ty Leisher to discuss the real-life inspirations behind his new film, collaborating with the talented cast, taking a unique approach to the haunted house genre, and more!

11th Hour is an Indian Telugu-language crime thriller web series created by Introupe Online for aha, directed by Praveen Sattaru, starring Tamannaah in the lead role.[1] The series is based on Upendra Namburi's book 8 Hours, in which the protagonist Aratrika Reddy (Tamannaah) faces a multi-layered high-stakes boardroom challenge that unfolds in a single night.[2][3]

Pradeep Uppalapati wrote the script for 11th Hour, after which aha green-lit the series as part of its aha originals. Praveen Sattaru selected as the director. Tamannaah appeared in the lead role. With Tamannaah on board, the director chose a supporting cast that can also hold attention, comprising Jayaprakash, Madhusudhan, Arun Adith, Vamsi Krishna and Srikanth Iyengar. The series was shot over 33 days with a team of 30-40 members, who were tested six times for COVID-19. Most portions were filmed in a hotel when occupancy was low because of the pandemic. A few prologue scenes were filmed in other places.[2]

Hemanth Kumar of Firstpost rated the series 2.5/5 and wrote: "11th Hour has scale, grandeur, and a solid premise but fails to keep one hooked to the story." While the motivations of the characters are established, Kumar felt that the narration was not compelling enough.[16] A. Kameshwari in her The Indian Express review stated: "The makers of 11th Hour, a corporate drama, try too hard to make the series interesting but in vain." She felt that the audience could not connect with the character of Tamannaah as it was kept half baked.[17]

While undoubtedly a low-budget effort, the 11th Hour Cleaning trailer uses some simple psychological tactics and camera tricks to play with the viewer. Short pans and shadow effects create a few jumpable moments. Meanwhile, a Sam Raimi influence is felt in the presumed possession of the crew and a spooky Necronomicon-like Norse informational text. The film looks like the type of low-budget bottleneck shocker that will impress a range of genre fans looking for a fun and frightful experience.

Screen Media Ventures has announced the acquisition of 11th Hour Cleaning for a digital and video-on-demand release on July 5, 2022. The film marks the feature directorial debut for Ty Leisher.

11th Hour Cleaning was directed by Ty Leisher, produced by Eric Brodeur, Ty Leisher, and Ed Morrone. This film is based on a story created by the trio and written by Leisher and Morrone. Thomas Griffith and Carl Katerndahl are the executive producers. The deal was brokered by Logan Taylor and Seth Needle on behalf of Screen Media and by Ty Leisher and Eric Brodeur on behalf of the film.

Marking the feature directorial debut for Ty Leishe, 11th Hour Cleaning was just released digitally and as video-on-demand on July 5, 2022. Starring Chloe Brooks (Embed), Eddie Finlay(2 Fast 2 Furious), Anita Leeman-Torres (Speed Kills), Ed Morrone (FinalKill) and Dave Baez (Dexter), the fim follows a group of crime scene cleaners that struggle to escape a murder house after becoming trapped by an ancient Nordic demon that is hell-bent on driving them insane. By the end of the day, 11th Hour Cleaning could be found on the Top 100 horror movie chart on Apple TV.

11th Hour Cleaning was produced by Eric Brodeur, Ty Leisher, and Ed Morrone. This film is based on a story created by the trio and written by Leisher and Morrone. Thomas Griffith and Carl Katerndahl are the executive producers.

It's an important documentary in various senses -- not the least of which is its comprehension and exploitation of celebrity politics. The sheer number of talking heads is daunting (directors Leila Conners Petersen and Nadia Conners interviewed some 70 people over 150 hours), and their arrangement into a series of connected storylines is persuasive. Eschewing the personal plot that Gore offered in An Inconvenient Truth, The 11th Hour instead makes a case for the interconnectedness of human interests with nature, over time and across continents.

Arriving in theaters just after Newsweek's cover story "The Truth about Denial" (as well as a response from its critics), the film doesn't so much argue against naysayers as presume the green truth, at once heartfelt and rational, polished and urgent. Still, opponents contend that celebrity involvement can undermine the environmentalists' causes. For example, even as the Live Earth concerts on July 7, 2007, drew attention to global warming, it also jumpstarted reunion tours by the Police and Smashing Pumpkins. This doubled effect isn't hypocritical, per se, but it is inescapable. Debates over policy, resources, and money are and will be shaped by campaigns, images, and celebrities -- whether elected, appointed, or signed to huge contracts. The 11th Hour understands that and makes its case accordingly.

Most horror films end in a bloodbath. Few characters are safe from the hacking and slashing the genre is known for, save for one specific group that has so far managed to remain unscathed: the ones who have to clean up the mess. This is why the concept of 11th Hour Cleaning is so intriguing. A group of four crime scene cleaners is called to rehabilitate a home that has just seen a murder-suicide, a case of a husband and father alleged to have slaughtered his wife and children.

First, 12 years of trickle-down numbskullery and useless gov't/defense over-spending by [R] Reagan/Bush1; Clinton cleaned it up and fixed it. Then 8 more years of trickle-down numbskullery, ineffective tax cuts, unfunded spending and resulting debt by [R] Bush2; Obama is cleaning it up and fixing it. A [D] president is a PROVEN cure for the country after being inflicted with [R] let's help Obama further and give him a [D] House.

REGINALD WILLIAMS spent four years in the United States Navy. He came home, and like many vets, ended up in the streets. But Mr. Williams is back on patrol -- now toting a gun that shoots cleaning solvents.

Despite the VA's increased efforts, veterans groups are critical. ''The VA, in their 11th hour of understanding, is coming up with an ineffective approach,'' says Ned Jaros of the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, a Washington interest group.

The graffiti removal concept began with Emory Jackson, the president of We Care About New York Inc., a nonprofit organization that fights litter in the city. ''I've had this proposal around for a number of years,'' Mr. Jackson says. Last year, he took the idea to Church & Dwight Co., the manufacturer of Arm & Hammer baking soda. Church & Dwight produces a graffiti cleaning system called Armex, which they agreed to donate.

ord just came down that they're abolishing Titles & Subheads as a stand-alone department. Surprise, surprise. The e-mail blames ''escalating decay of the standard author-publisher interface model.'' Translation: spoiled-brat writers nowadays design the jackets, pick the typefaces and cram their own titles down the publisher's throat. Think a pro like me would ever have come up with ''A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius''? That's what happens when the authors get it locked into their contracts that they call the shots. Pure ego if you ask me. I'm the guy who changed ''Dollar Bills All Over My Lawn'' to ''The Millionaire Next Door.'' Made the guy a fortune. And suddenly I'm a superannuated hack cleaning out his desk. 041b061a72


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