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NTSD 2.7.rar

NTSD 2.7.rar: A Fan-Made Mod for Little Fighter 2

NTSD, short for Naruto The Setting Dawn, is a fan-made mod for the popular fighting game Little Fighter 2. It features characters, stages, and moves from the Naruto manga and anime series. NTSD 2.7.rar is the latest version of the mod, released in 2023 by a group of dedicated fans.

In this article, we will review the features and changes of NTSD 2.7.rar, and compare it with the previous versions of the mod. We will also provide a download link and installation instructions for those who want to try it out.


What's New in NTSD 2.7.rar?

NTSD 2.7.rar is a major update that adds new characters, stages, modes, and improvements to the mod. Here are some of the highlights:

  • New Characters: NTSD 2.7.rar introduces six new playable characters to the roster: Konan, Zetsu, Sage Naruto, Mangekyou Sasuke, Gamabunta, and Katsuyu. Each character has their own unique moves and abilities, such as Konan's paper manipulation, Zetsu's plant attacks, Sage Naruto's enhanced rasengan, Mangekyou Sasuke's amaterasu and susanoo, Gamabunta's giant toad summoning, and Katsuyu's healing slime.

  • New Stages: NTSD 2.7.rar adds four new stages to the game: Konoha Ruins, Akatsuki Hideout, Valley of the End, and Mount Myoboku. These stages are based on the locations from the Naruto series, and have different backgrounds, music, and effects.

  • New Modes: NTSD 2.7.rar introduces two new modes to the game: Survival Mode and Team Battle Mode. In Survival Mode, you have to fight against waves of enemies until you run out of health or time. In Team Battle Mode, you can team up with other players or AI allies to fight against another team of opponents.

  • New Improvements: NTSD 2.7.rar also makes some improvements to the gameplay and graphics of the mod. For example, it increases the resolution of the game to 1280x720 pixels, making it more compatible with modern screens. It also adds new sound effects, animations, taunts, and combos for some characters. It also fixes some bugs and glitches that were present in the previous versions.

How Does NTSD 2.7.rar Compare with Previous Versions?

NTSD 2.7.rar is the most advanced and polished version of the mod so far. It has more content, features, and quality than any of the previous versions. Here is a brief overview of how NTSD 2.7.rar compares with some of the previous versions:


Release Date

Number of Characters

Number of Stages

New Features

NTSD 1.0




The first version of the mod that started it all.

NTSD 2.0




The second version that added more characters and stages.

NTSD 2.4




The third version that added more characters and stages.

NTSD Community Edition




A fan-made continuation of the mod that added more characters and stages.

NTSD 2.5




An official update that added a new character and some improvements.

NTSD 2.6




An official update that added a new character and some improvements.

NTSD 2.7.rar




The latest version that added new characters, stages, modes, and improvements.

How to Download and Install NTSD 2.7.rar?

If you want to download and install NTSD 2.7.rar, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Click on the download link below to get the NTSD 2.7.rar file. It is a compressed file that contains the game folder and the readme file.

  • Extract the NTSD 2.7.rar file using a program like WinRAR or 7-Zip. You will get a folder named NTSD 2.7.

  • Open the NTSD 2.7 folder and double-click on the LF2.exe file to launch the game.

  • Enjoy playing NTSD 2.7.rar!

Download Link: [NTSD 2.7.rar]


NTSD 2.7.rar is a fan-made mod for Little Fighter 2 that features characters, stages, and moves from the Naruto series. It is the latest and most advanced version of the mod, with new content, features, and improvements. It is a fun and exciting game for Naruto fans and fighting game enthusiasts alike. If you want to try it out, you can download it from the link above and follow the installation instructions.

We hope you enjoyed this article on NTSD 2.7.rar. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you for reading!


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