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Tanida Quiz Builder

The above are the features of Tanida Quiz Builder application. If you wish to start to develop customized quizzes or need to create quiz for work purpose, this Tanida Quiz Builder is the right one. Its features and user interface are very simple and attractive. Though it is very light on the system resources, it is no doubt that it can create a lot of educational quizzes. The basic price of this application is just $39, you get to complete the offer within 30 days.

Tanida Quiz Builder

You may have to download this standalone setup of Tanida Quiz Builder file from our website. Our website is controlled by very strict policies and you will have to follow the rules and regulations.

You can find various packages of the Tanida Quiz Builder 2.0 free on the Internet, and this one is not bad either. Tanida Quiz Builder 2.0 has an interesting interface and simple operation, for instance you can simply create and modify any quiz in Flash format, and deploy it online or create a standalone file. Another plus point of Tanida Quiz Builder 2.0 is that it is compatible with both PC and MAC platforms, it is just 2.0. The application is very simple to use, and user is not required to have any specific skills to use this application. Users will not need to use any special technical resources to use this application.

Tanida Quiz Builder 2.0 is a Flash quiz creator designed with the purpose of making test for educational use. It lets users to create, modify and deploy ready-made quizzes. Tanida Quiz Builder 2.0 is a compact application and there are no any complicated options in the interface, but there is one extremely interesting option that allows users to create flash quizzes with drag-drop matching without any programming and coding.


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