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[S1E9] Fifty Sense NEW!

Before the ubiquity of mobile phones, payphones were often found in public places to contribute to the notion of universal access to basic communication services. In the late 1920s, the cost of a payphone call in the United States was two cents. In the 1930s, calls were five cents. Early in the 21st century as payphones became rare, the price of a call was fifty cents.[1] One thesis, written as early as 2003, recognized this as a digital divide problem.[2]

[S1E9] Fifty Sense

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An older and simpler system was to use a mechanical counter, which automatically counted units of time, called pasos, a "pass" in the sense of "passage of time". The counter was the marcador de pasos. The length of each paso varied depending on the cost (distance) of the call. At the conclusion of a call the number of pasos was multiplied by a fixed amount, which could vary by time of day, creating a sum total that the customer would pay to a human attendant. This system survived in small hotels at least until the 1970s.[citation needed]

In Grumpy Old Liv, Blaine is working as a funeral director at Shady Plots Funeral Home. When Liv visits the funeral home, Blaine sensed that she was there.Blaine tells Liv he didn't see Major's name on the list of dead at Meat Cute and believes that Liv turned Major into a Zombie. After Liv is gone, Blaine goes downstairs to where his men is unloading a crate of utopium. Blaine goes to Don E's House to find out how he cut the utopium at the boat party. Don E tells Blaine he knows who cut the utopium.

i have to admit, ive loved every episode more than the last and just could not wait to see the next one. after this episode i was kind of let down. i thought THIS is what they were building up to? it kind of made the previous episodes not make a lot of sense, like the previous episodes were just a lot of odes to tng and did not contribute much to this finale. dont get me wrong, i love star trek and ill take what i can get and just happy this is back on the air, but still the show had a lot of momentum going and now i feel it has slowed down 041b061a72


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