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Monster Truck Championship

The first Monster Truck simulation. A unique and challenging motor racing experience where local or online victory depends solely on your driving skills. 16 customizable trucks, 25 arenas and 3 leagues to win to become champion!

Monster Truck Championship

From Las Vegas to Orlando, go head-to-head against experienced drivers in drag races and freestyle competitions! But before you can pull off doughnuts, wheelies and bicycles, you must first tune your truck to perfection. These machines are spectacular and impressive yet highly technical to drive. The game faithfully reproduces all the unique demands of mastering these powerful trucks, including independent front and rear wheel management, mass transfer anticipation in bends, and predicting bounces after jumps.

The Monster Jam World Finals is an annual monster truck event that is the championship event of the Monster Jam series, consisting of racing and freestyle competitions, with the winner of each considered the World Champion in that competition for the past year. It is the highest-profile monster truck event with the greatest media attention. From 2000 to 2018, the event was held in late March at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada. Starting in 2019, the plan was to rotate venues each year, but instead, it was decided the World Finals would be held at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida until 2022. The World Finals will be held at Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tennessee in July 2023.

No truck has ever got the maximum score of 45 (40 in regulation and 5 in bonus). The high score is 40 and was set by Dennis Anderson in Grave Digger in 2000.In the history of the Monster Jam World Finals Freestyle Championship, only once has a driver successfully defended his title the following year: Tom Meents driving Goldberg in 2001 and Team Meents in 2002.

In 2004, if a driver flipped over within the first 30 seconds of their run, they would be allowed to roll back over and continue depending on if the truck was still able to go. This rule was only active that year.

Some fans consider the Monster Jam World Finals unfair, because its invitation-only participants are not officially selected based on performance scores earned during the prior season. Another controversy is that the event's parent company, Feld Motorsports, owns a majority of the trucks that are invited to participate. Additionally, most of the participant drivers are based in the United States. However, this selection bias is often countered by the fact that Monster Jam organizes a world tour.

10 trucks freestyle to celebrate 10 years of Monster Jam World Finals: Scarlet Bandit - Dawn Creten, The Patriot - Dan Rodoni, CULT Energy Activator - Sean Duhon, Wrecking Crew - Chris Bergeron, Blue Thunder - Frank Krmel, Madusa (Susan G. Koman Breast Cancer Awareness tribute style truck) - Madusa, Mohawk Warrior (debut) - George Balhan, Dennis Anderson (modern Grave Digger), Ryan Anderson (red pickup style Grave Digger) and Adam Anderson (Grave Digger The Legend) triple freestyle. At the end of the encore, Dennis' Grave Digger and Ryan Anderson in the red pickup Grave Digger collide in the air after jumping off a steep ramp.

All 3 Advance Auto Parts Grinder drivers in their trucks (Lupe Soza, John Seasock, and Frank Krmel).All 3 Maximum Destruction drivers in their trucks (Tom Meents, Neil Elliott, Kreg Christensen).Ryan Anderson debuts Son-Uva Digger and completes a successful backflip in the truck.

Seven Grave Digger trucks competed to celebrate 30 Years of Grave Digger. Four black 30th Anniversary Grave Diggers were driven by Pablo Huffaker, Chad Tingler, Gary Porter and Ryan Anderson; Grave Digger The Legend - Adam Anderson; "Grandma" Digger - Charlie Pauken; and the Purple 30th Anniversary Grave Digger - Dennis Anderson. Note: Ryan Anderson broke his neck when four of the seven Diggers performed backflips and was sidelined until Minneapolis, Minnesota, in December 2012.

Neil Elliott, Kreg Christensen, Chuck Werner and Tom Meents in 4 Max-D trucks. Neil, Kreg and Chuck perform back-flips together; Tom Meents comes out in his Max-D truck being lifted off a Max-D dump truck, and performs the first successful double backflip. This celebrated 10 Years of Maximum Destruction.

Young Guns Shootout: All of the Young Guns came out for a donut performance, while New Earth Authority and El Diablo perform backflips.Racing: many of the Young Guns do a donut performance, Dragon, El Toro Loco and NEA (BLUE) do a train jump over the center stack.Freestyle - Different Zombie monster trucks go out and crash into each other while hauling dead bodies. Each Zombie truck has a different look: two original Zombies, one Red Zombie, one Yellow Zombie (based on a girl), one Green Zombie (based on a biker), and one White Zombie (based on a skull) (not to be confused with the band White Zombie).

Double Down Showdown: All of the Showdown competitors came out for a donut performance.Racing: Neil Elliott came out in the Monster Jam 25th Anniversary truck and did a forward momentum backflip over Son-uva Digger. All competing and non-competing trucks came out on the track to salute the fans for being a part of Monster Jam for 25 years.Freestyle: Adam Anderson, Ryan Anderson, Krysten Anderson and the rest of the Grave Digger team came out and freestyled for Grave Digger's 35th Anniversary. Dennis Anderson announced his retirement from monster truck racing.

Racing: Tom Meents, Neil Elliott, Colton Eichelberger, Chuck Werner, and Jared Eichelberger each came out in their own separate Max-D trucks to help celebrate Max-D's 15th anniversary. A new black Max-D paint scheme was unveiled during the encore as well. Chuck drove the original Maximum Destruction, Neil drove the Candy Apple Red Max-D, Colton drove the Gold Max-D, Jared drove the normal Max-D, and Tom debuted the new Black Max-D. Each truck did different tricks throughout the encore as well.[3]Freestyle: The three new Rampage trucks (George - Tom Meents,[4] Ralph, and Lizzie) came out and hit a series of buildings set up for the trucks. Two Soldier Fortune trucks came out to reprimand Ralph and Lizzie. The three Rampage trucks then did their own backflips, with George (driven by Meents) almost completing a double backflip. Afterwards, all the Racing competitors, Freestyle competitors, Double Down competitors, and display trucks came out and flooded the track.[5][6]

Originally, MetLife Stadium was announced to host World Finals XX, but a scheduling change prevented them from hosting. World Finals XX was the first World Finals outside of Las Vegas.[7] The new location was announced on September 5, 2018. The number of trucks reverted to 24, like it was from 2006 to 2012.

You begin with a basic truck, controlled through both joysticks for front and rear wheel steering. That feels loose but completing career events earns cash and points, unlocking cosmetics and vehicle parts, letting you improve top speed, steering, and more. As such, building up your vehicle is rewarding, despite initial frustrations. The game is only let down by multiplayer, providing 8-player online races with no local split screen.

For many, the career mode that is offered within Monster Truck Championship is where much of your time will be spent, and rightfully so. I started as a newcomer and worked my way through two junior circuits, which consisted of the National League and Professional League. If I displayed enough skill and garnered enough championship points, it would lead to me reaching the ultimate goal in the game, which was taking foot in the Major Leagues of the Monster Truck Championship Division.

One of the aspects I love about the career mode is that it creates an atmosphere of true ownership, and in doing this, it creates a real sense of urgency while physically at the track. If I chose to beat up my truck during a race or an event, that had a true impact on my bottom line back at the office. This, in turn, prohibited me from upgrading my truck in ways that I needed to truly compete week in and week out on a consistent basis.

What I found most exciting about the upgrade system is that each item that you upgraded created a tangible feeling of improvement while on the track at the event. When starting out in career mode, I was given the essentials and my performance and truck displayed that during each event, and while understandable, it did get frustrating at certain points.

Early in career mode, I found each truck to be twitchy, somewhat hard to control, and hard to manage, which is never a good thing when trying to maneuver a 12,000-pound vehicle around a track. As I upgraded my truck, the controls and the ability to maneuver the vehicle felt more like a race car and less like a concrete truck.

The best part of the control system is how you manage your approach and treat your truck during each event has an impact on how your truck reacts and performs from the beginning to the end of that event.

The one caveat to all of this is that I wish the developers would have included a DNF (did not finish) system. If you choose to race erratically and dangerously, it will limit what your truck can do on the track, but you will always find a way to finish that event.

Not only did Monster Truck Championship look better overall, which is to be expected, but it surpassed my overall expectations. The trucks themselves look fantastic. From the body to the tires to the underlying frame, the amount of detail that is included here and is visible during a race is quite impressive.

Teyon claims that Monster Truck Championship is a true simulation, and based on what I have played in recent years, it comes the closest. There is something inherently fun here, and Monster Truck Championship embodies what the world of monster truck events is all about, or at least comes very close.

It does not include fan favorites in terms of licensed and recognizable monster trucks, but it makes up for that with some great in-house schemes and execution on the track. Monster Truck Championship delivers a lot of fun and addictive gameplay that feels real, and does so while offering up a lot of ways to make it accessible to all levels of skill and ability. 041b061a72


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